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Hello! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this :) If you already know me, skip to paragraph 3 where I go into detail of the story that led me to becoming a Realtor©!

My name is Ajay Williams, and I am a native of Wilson, North Carolina. After graduating from Beddingfield High School, I attended Furman University on a full academic and athletic scholarship. In addition to playing football, I completed a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Shortly after graduating from Furman, I was offered a job as a software developer!

However, as I’m sure many of us have felt, I did not feel that it was the right opportunity. Fortunately, we live in a Gig Economy, so there are many side hustles that one can do to generate income while trying to figure out the next move. I chose Uber! This was a super flexible option that would allow me to network by passing out resumes and make money. But what I did with the free time I had from my flexible schedule would completely change my life forever.

When I wasn’t Ubering, I was researching ways to build wealth. I wanted to put myself in a position to be able to help my parents because they supported me so much throughout life. Throughout my life, I thought the best way to make money was by getting a degree and then to get a good job. This changed when I read two books: Business of the 21st Century and The Go-Giver. The first book shifted my mind to the entrepreneurial realm.  The second book helped me to realize that I could achieve my goal of becoming wealthy BY HELPING people.

 This is why Real Estate is perfect! I am able to provide my premium services to help you find your dream home whether that means buying, selling, downsizing, or relocating! I’ve gathered lots of research from various agents and I have come to learn the Top Characteristics of Top Agents. Top Agents:

 1) Care deeply about the results that they produce to clients

2) We go above and beyond for our clients

3) We understand that people want us to either market their home or find them the best deal, so we have spent time learning the very best marketing techniques from around the world

 I know there are lots of choices to work with a real estate agent. I simply believe that the agent who goes above and beyond, who cares the way I care, and who does the best to provide the most value is what true agency is.

 I want you to know that if you or anyone you know is looking to buy or sell around the world, I AM your agent. I’ve surrounded myself with a community of top realtors and if I can ever be of service please don’t hesitate to reach out! My goal is to leave you smiling brighter than me!

 Email, text or call me to set up your FREE consultation today! 


Ajay Williams | 252-363-2465 | ajaywilliamsrealty@gmail.com | ajay.myhomesearchnc.com





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